Nike Air Presto Rainbow

I spend much less on clothes now than I used to. I had more disposable income then but I don't regret it. Some of thethings I bought when I was 16 are still in my wardrobe now. Thankfully, I haven't changed shape drastically. I'm a dress size 8 10 now and before I was a 6 8.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

I spend less money than I did but spend more time choosing the right things.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

Two in five of the nation's ladies look back in horror at the choices they made in their teenage years and on average, admitted 24 is the age they were most uncomfortable with their style. Now I work in the fitness industry so I'm able to wear the kind of clothes I like all the time.

My favourite shops now are H New Look and Primark. I love charity shops too. Some of my best outfits have come from charity shops, like an amazing pair of Reiss trousers that I wear all the time.

and fashion nightmares in your 20s

I do get dressed up when I'm going out somewhere special.

My worst outfit ever was horrendous leather trousers with an orange satin shirt and a black furry jacket. I'd never wear anything like that now.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

I'm most comfortable in my skinny jeans with a Air Presto Ultra Flyknit Triple Black

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

My body shape has changed a lot, because I'm lifting more weights. My legs are more muscley and my bum is bigger so I find it difficult to find trousers to fit.

When I had my first baby, I stopped caring about how I looked for a while and I wore no make up and tracksuits all the time.

I want to look stylish but I'm 33 with two kids, so things change. It's more about practicality.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

When I was younger, I didn't care so much about what I wore but was less relaxed about how I looked.

It used to take me hours to get ready for a night out but now it's less than an hour. I care less about what people think and I don't have to wear things that I'm uncomfortable in any more.

ACCORDING to a survey by Marks Spencer, women are most comfortable with their style from the age of 33.

When I was younger, I just wanted to wear what was in, whether it suited me or not. I used to buy much more expensive clothes. I'd go to Cruise and Karen Millen, designer labels were much more important. I had lots of pairs of Versace jeans that I used to wear with Timberland boots.

MY style now is more sophisticated and classic than it's been in the past.

ALISON DEVENAY, support worker, from Howwood

I used to go out in short skirts, boob tubes and revealing tops but now I cover up a bit more.

I'D describe my style as comfortable. I still try to go with trends and new styles but comfort is more important than ever.

simple top. And I love brighttrainers I must have about 30 pairs. I feel just as good in trainers as I used to in heels.

I've always been Nike Presto Safari

I would look at friends and wish I could look like them. Now, Nike Air Presto Rainbow I dress for myself.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

I used to wear really tight things and show far too much cleavage. Now, I've realised that my waist, not my bust, is my best asset and I concentrate on finding clothes that fit well.

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

But when I had my second, something snapped. I decided I wanted to be a good role model for my kids so started taking more interest in fashion.

quite a confident person but I'm more comfortable now in my skinny jeans, a T shirt and a pair of Converse during the day. And at the weekend, it's skinny jeans or trousers with a sparkly top to dress it up a bit.

I know what suits me now. A good fitting pair of jeans is a must and I like longer tops that still show my waist. Slimline trousers are always flattering.

Forget your teenage faux pas Nike Air Presto Gpx Floral

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

When you're young, you tend to be influenced by your friends. I'd want to wear the same things as them, even if it didn't suit me. Now that I'm in my 30s, I know what suits me, so I don't need to copy anyone. I'll look at magazines but won't buy things that don't suit me just because they're in fashion.

LYDIA RISSMAN, full time mum, from Glasgow

Nike Air Presto Rainbow

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